Amazon Lumberyard

I am currently a Graphics engineer on Amazon's Lumberyard game engine. I'm responsible for development of our various VR implementations and I also do a lot of core graphics work. I won't be talking much on this blog about my work at Amazon but if you want more technical reading on the project check out the official Amazon Lumberyard blog.


A game engine developed by ThirdDegree. This includes myself and 7 other classmates. Hatchit is an experimental game engine that utilizes Vulkan and DirectX 12. As far as I'm aware it's one of the the first student projects to use those APIs. It's got some fancy point lights, public domain raptors and a pretty sweet build system.

Brickware Engine

An experiment to test my patience with C++ and modern OpenGL. It's not a fully working 3D game engine but it was a good exercise in building a large codebase of C++ and was excellent practice to test my skills with applying 3D math. Feel free to dig through the code yourself!